Pricing varies based on season, length, and type of rental. Please request more information if you are planning an event and a PUB representative will be happy to provide you with an exact quote.

When open the PUB is 20’ in length and 14’ wide. When the PUB is closed the dimensions are 20’ in length by 7.5’ in width.

The PUB can be placed anywhere the delivery truck can access. Driveways, yards, parking lots are typically a non-issue. Some off road positions may present issues such as soft ground or large obstructions that don't allow access for the truck.

No, PUBs does not provide alcohol. PUBs provides our customers top notch facilities from which they can serve guests their favorite beverage of choice.

Looking for a bartender? PUBs partners with With a Twist for bartenders who are fully trained, certified and covered by both liquor and general liability insurance.

Yes, the PUB comes with a kegerator capable of holding up to three slender kegs of beer. The kegerator can also be configured in a manner to allow two kegs and racks for canned beverages or wine bottles.

Yes, there are two options to power the PUB. The PUB can be connected via “shore power” plugging in to a standard 110v outlet. Or if it is not possible, for more remote locations, the PUB can be powered by a 1200 watt generator. For an additional cost PUBs can rent a generator to our customers. The generator will come with a full tank of gas but it is the customers responsibility to continue to fill it during use and return the tank full. PUBs will supply the power cords necessary to hook up to shore power or to the generator.

The PUB does have multiple outlets for plugging in blenders or other appliances. It also has phone charging outlets along the bar for your guests.

Currently the PUB does not have a water supply. But the PUB does have a sink for disposing of drinks and ice, which drains into holding tanks.

Yes, the PUB comes with the latest smart TV allowing customers to stream live TV via a local WIFI or from a phone / hotspot. The TV has ROKU and all sports available on ROKO are accessible. The TV also has Netflix among other streaming accounts.

The PUB TV allows guests to stream music through a variety of streaming services. The customers will enjoy the soundbar and subwoofer for exceptional sound quality.

The first time a customer orders a PUB for their event a PUB employee will walk through the set up which takes approximately 15 mins from its closed to configuration to ready to party. It is a simple process but there are a few key steps that must be learned. Every rental requires a PUB representative walk the customer through set up and tear down.

Yes, the PUB can be closed up and locked when not in use keeping items very secure when compared to a tent. Closing the large door when not in use does not allow access from the outside. The small access door on the back of the PUB has a doorknob lock and a latch which can be secured with a customer's own paddle lock. This protection allows customers a convenient way to keep their items very secure when not in use.

The PUB has a lot of the features found in most bars to include; LED mood lighting, chalk board for displaying drink menus, rail for bottles, and decor to make the guests feel like they are inside a bar.

The PUB comes with 20 seats divided among the bar and three high top tables which are included in the rental.

The PUB does not have heat or A/C built into it but PUBs does provide two patio heaters for an additional cost. We don’t offer A/C at this time.